Cross Country (XC) August - October

Football (FB) August - October

Girls Volleyball (GVB) August - October

Girls Swimming (GSW) October - November

Boys Basketball (BBB) October - December

Wrestling (WREST) January - March

Boys Swimming (BSW) January - March

Girls Basketball (GBB) January - March

Track & Field (TRACK) March - May

Boys Soccer (BSC) March - May

Girls Soccer (GSC) March - May



Welcome to Bryan Middle Athletics & Activities

For the 2021-2021 school year, OPS middle schools will return to in-person practices and competitions in both soccer and track. We will continue to follow district guidelines and COVID-19 protocols in our efforts to keep our students and staff safe at all times. We appreciate your cooperation in our efforts. Please contact the school if you have any questions or concerns. Current track and soccer schedules have been uploaded to the site. NOTE:: There will be no admission costs for adults or students at track or soccer contests for 2021. Any student-aged spectator MUST attend with an adult at all Bryan Middle School soccer or track contests for 2021. 


Below is a list of Middle School Athletics & Activities Guidelines that we will follow this quarter, April-May, 2021. 



During 100% remote learning, no in-person athletics or activities. · During in-person learning o Practices and competitions are permitted. o Participation is strictly voluntary. o All students must obtain a pre-participation physical. o All students must complete required OPS and NSAA forms. o All students who participate in 100% in-student learning are allowed to attend daily practices and contests. Students who participate in 100% remote learning are not eligible to participate. o Students are required to wear face coverings when not involved in rigorous physical activity. o Coaches and sponsors are required to wear face coverings at all times.

Pre-Screening for Participants 

Parents will screen their children at home for fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea. · Students should take their temperature each day before attending school/practice/contest. · If the student is symptomatic, the student will not report to school/practice/contest and parents will consult a medical professional. · Coaches and sponsors will educate students regarding screening protocol and the conditions required for daily participation.

Passes, Spectators, Venues  

Boys Soccer – No ticket restriction for adult family members due to large venues. Students who attend must be accompanied by an adult. Patrons will socially distance 6 feet. · Girls Soccer– No ticket restriction for adult family members due to large venues. Students who attend must be accompanied by an adult. Patrons will socially distance 6 feet. · Track and Field - – No ticket restriction for adult family members due to large venues. Students who attend must be accompanied by an adult. Patrons will socially distance 6 feet. 

Music/Drama/Robotics/Fine Arts Productions (Indoors) - 2 tickets per participant. Patrons will be socially distant 6 feet. · AD’s may reduce the number of patrons at events to ensure safety and social distancing. · If symptomatic for covid-19, patrons should not attend any school functions or activities. · Families will wear face coverings and stay seated together socially distanced from other families when applicable · Tape, stickers, and barriers may be used as a guide for fans to promote/ensure social distancing. 


For practices small training groups/cohorts will be established. Coaches will take attendance at all practices and competitions for contact tracing protocols.

Theater and Music

Concerts, plays or musicals may be held in auditoriums or gymnasiums. Outdoor locations should also be considered. · Music students will follow the classroom guidelines for playing and singing. · Audience attendance is restricted to 2 tickets per participant for indoor events. The performance may also be live streamed if the appropriate rights have been secured. · Social distancing between families is required. · Audience members are required to wear face coverings at all times. Face coverings must cover the nose and mouth. · Mitigation practices such as hand hygiene, social distancing while entering /exiting etc., will be followed. · Performers will wear masks. Band students who play wind instruments will raise masks while playing. · No concession or flower sales will be allowed for theater and music performances.


No concessions will be sold.

Locker Rooms 

Coaches/Players must adhere to social distancing guidelines- 6 feet. Visiting teams will not be provided a locker room. Teams should arrive prepared for competition. · Masks will be worn at ALL times in the locker room. · 

Want to join a strong football team that focuses on learning the basics of sound football, but also teaches physical and mental strength? A team that focuses on FAMILY and has a philosophy of WE NOT ME!!! Well, this is your chance to be part of something special!
This league football team is a combination of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders that go to Bryan Middle School or its surrounding elementary schools. If you are interested in playing tackle football for the JR Bears team, please sign up here. Once you sign up, the coach; Mr. Larry Bonner will be reaching out to you to provide you with more information. 
**The Bryan JR. Bears is separate organization and entity from Bryan Middle School and the Omaha Public Schools.**


CLICK on the sport schedule you are inquiring about.  Please check the web site for updates to the schedules or changes due to weather or other conflicts. Always good to call the school to confirm a contest if you're not sure. 

As of 3/2021, Bryan Middle School soccer and track seasons will be restored. We greatly appreciate your concerns and patience as we continue to incorporate safe protocols for both your student and our staff.   

1st  Sports Season 
Cross Country/Football/Girls Volleyball
August - October
CANCELLED FOR 2020-2021  
2nd  Sports Season 
Boys Basketball/Girls Swimming
October - December 

3rd  Sports Season 
Boys Swimming/Girls Basketball/Wrestling

January - March 
4th Sports Season 
Boys Soccer/Girls Soccer/Track & Field 

April - May  
BOYS SOCCER (CLICK HERE) March 22 - May 11
TRACK & FIELD (CLICK HERE) March 22 - May 5





For students wanting to participate in a middle school sport, they must have a current sports physical, Middle Level Activities Contract, and Concussion Awareness Form on file with the school. Please click on the desired form below.

FORM - Middle Level Activities Contract (English)
FORM - Middle Level Activities Contract (Spanish)


FORM - Concussion Awareness (English)
FORM - Concussion Awareness (Spanish)
FORM - 7th Grade Physical Screening Exam (English)
FORM - 7th Grade Physical Screening Exam (Spanish)
FORM - 8th Grade Physical Screening Exam (English)
FORM - 8th Grade Physical Screening Exam (Spanish)