Cross Country (XC) August - October

Football (FB) August - October

Girls Volleyball (GVB) August - October

Girls Swimming (GSW) October - November

Boys Basketball (BBB) October - December

Wrestling (WREST) January - March

Boys Swimming (BSW) January - March

Girls Basketball (GBB) January - March

Track & Field (TRACK) March - May

Boys Soccer (BSC) March - May

Girls Soccer (GSC) March - May



Welcome to Bryan Middle Athletics & Activities

As of 11/16/2020... continuing to 12/11/2020, BMS plans to return to athletics for it's winter season for in-person students. We will be offering skill-based instruction and practices in Girls Volleyball and Boys Basketball for our 7th and 8th grade students that are attending school under our 3/2 plan.  

  • Safety is #1! This return to practice in BBB and GVB are tentative and are subject to change at any time. All state and district COVID-19 screening procedures and other protocols will be followed to ensure school and community safety. 
  • Practices are for in person students only. 100% remote students cannot participate. 
  • To be eligible for sports you must: Have a physical, good grades, athletic forms signed, parent permission, activity card. Forms are on our website if you need it. 
  • Boys Basketball will be practicing on Mondays (for blue day students) and Thursdays (for yellow students) 
  • Girls Volleyball will be practicing on Tuesdays (for blue students) and Fridays (for yellow students) 
  • There will be NO practices on Wednesday
  • Practices will be afterschool till 5:00PM on your assigned day
  • Transportation is available to students who already qualify for transportation 
  • These sessions are for practices only! No games will be played
  • Signups can be done through the Bryan Middle School website under ATHLETIC SIGNUP 
  • Direct questions to any adult if you have them! 


Click on the sport schedule you are inquiring about.  Please check the web site for updates to the schedules or changes due to weather or other conflicts. Always good to call the school to confirm a contest if you're not sure. 

As of 8/2020, all Bryan Middle School athletic seasons have been placed on hold until further notice. We greatly appreciate your concerns and patience as we determine safe protocols for a return to play. Please know that student safety is our utmost concern at this time.  

1st  Sports Season 
Cross Country/Football/Girls Volleyball
August - October
To Be Determined  
2nd  Sports Season 
Boys Basketball/Girls Swimming
October - December 

To Be Determined
3rd  Sports Season 
Boys Swimming/Girls Basketball/Wrestling

January - March 
To Be Determined
4th Sports Season 
Boys Soccer/Girls Soccer/Track & Field 

April - May  
To Be Determined



For students wanting to participate in a middle school sport, they must have a current sports physical, Middle Level Activities Contract, and Concussion Awareness Form on file with the school. Please click on the desired form below.

FORM - Middle Level Activities Contract (English)
FORM - Middle Level Activities Contract (Spanish)


FORM - Concussion Awareness (English)
FORM - Concussion Awareness (Spanish)
FORM - 7th Grade Physical Screening Exam (English)
FORM - 7th Grade Physical Screening Exam (Spanish)
FORM - 8th Grade Physical Screening Exam (English)
FORM - 8th Grade Physical Screening Exam (Spanish)