Mrs. Kristi Woodworth
(402) 557-4100


Crazy Cooks will meet on the following Tuesdays in room 100A from 3:15-4:55.  
     January 12th
     January 19th
     January 26th
     February 2nd
February 9th
     February 16th
     February 23rd
     March 1st 

Crazy Cooks Club

Crazy Cooks Cooking Club is a unique experience as students will be allowed to make a cooking mess, learn a  life skill and have a lot of fun all at the same time!  This is a  hands on experience where students meet once a week to  follow recipes and learn the basics of cooking.  Students  cook a variety of foods from breakfast to snacks to dinner  and even appetizers.  In addition, they get to try new foods  that many have  never tried before.  

What's Happening?