Welcome to Bryan Middle Athletics & Activities

Bryan Middle School has a wide variety of athletic and extra-curricular opportunities available to all students.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of these offerings, which promote teamwork, community service, school pride, and involvement.  Becoming involved in extra-curricular activities can be such a crucial element to a student's success in school.  Please take advantage of all the sports or activities that Bryan Middle School has to offer! 

Phillip Taylor
Assistant Principal
Activity/Athletic Director
Bryan Middle School 
8210 South 42nd St. 
Omaha, NE 68147
531.299.6918 (office)
531.299.2319 (fax)


Students interested in participating in Bryan Middle athletics must have the following current and on file:

·         Valid Physical Examination

·         Middle Level Activities Contract

·         Concussion Awareness Form

·         Bryan Middle School Activity Card

These forms will be distributed to interested student-athletes in school, but may also be obtained online through our school's athletic or district website. Coaches will also provide additional information regarding academic and behavior expectations for participation to you before the season begins.

Athletic practices and most contests will be held during the week.  Practices will begin after school and end around 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Contest times may officially begin at 3:30pm, but may vary depending on location, weather, transportation, and duration.  You may contact our school’s office or your child’s coach to verify information at any time during school or office hours.

Basketball, football, soccer, wrestling, and volleyball are divided into two or more squads: varsity and junior varsity. Basketball, soccer, and volleyball will typically have games on Tuesday/Thursdays. Wrestling, swimming, track, and cross country will have their contests on Wednesdays typically. Football game days are primarily on Fridays. 

Student-athletes will have the opportunity to play on either squad. Dual contests will typically begin with varsity matches, but be sure to confirm with the team's coach. Football varsity and junior varsity will both begin at 3:30p.m, but played in different locations (usually opposite locations). All other sports teams begin collectively at 3:30p.m.

The cost to attend middle school athletic events is $3.00 for adults and $1.00 for children of school age beginning the 2018-2019 school year.  Students with an Activity Card may attend athletic contests at a discounted rate. Activity Cards can be obtained from our school office. For tournament or City Final contests prices are $5.00 and $3.00 for adults and school aged children.

Each student-athlete will receive a competition uniform at no charge and additional locker, if necessary, during the season. These uniforms should remain at school. Students involved in an extra-curricular activity other than sports may have a uniform associated with their club or organization.  Students are responsible for any items not placed in their lockers.  For practices and/or meets, it is highly recommended that appropriate footwear, swimwear, or additional clothing be worn and properly stored. We don't want anyone to have their personal or school items come up missing!  Coaches or activity sponsors will provide their students a list of recommended items at the beginning of each activity, sport, or season. If any issues should arise in obtaining any of these items please contact the school.

Cancellations regarding all extra-curricular activities, including athletics, will be made before 12:00pm. on the day of the activity. Cancellation notification will be made online and/or by school intercom . In addition, students will be allowed to make phone calls during their lunch hour to notify parents or guardians.  Contests or events may be rescheduled.  You may call our school during office hours or look at our school's website to inquire about a particular contest or activity.

If your child qualifies for OPS transportation, they will be provided a bus from Bryan Middle School after practice or contests to their designated after school stop.  This information will be given to the student on the first day of practice.  For away contests or events, all students will be provided transportation to the destination and back to Bryan Middle School. Students qualifying for transportation will be dropped off at their designated stop. Although this will usually be their home address, some stops may vary due to high traffic areas. This can be confirmed by the student at school or call the front office at 531.299.2300

Students will have the opportunity to participate in many after school activities other than sports throughout the year. If sports aren't your thing, no problem! Hopefully there is something for everyone! There is a list of clubs that meet throughout the year. Offerings will update and change throughout the year. Inquiries can made during school hours by contacting the school office.

Strong academic standing and respectful behavior are expected for participation. Announcements will be made during the school day so it's important for students to listen to when their after school activity begins. Information regarding the club, organization, or activity will be sent home or made available prior to it's first day or on the first day by the activity sponsor. Many of Bryan Middle School's after school activities last longer than a semester. 

Please feel free to contact the school if you should happen to have any questions. Hope to see you out there! PT 

Click on the sport schedule you are inquiring about.  Please check the web site for updates to the schedules or changes due to weather or other conflicts. Always good to call the school to confirm a contest if you're not sure. 

As of 8/2020, all Bryan Middle School athletic seasons have been placed on hold until further notice. We greatly appreciate your concerns and patience as we determine safe protocols for a return to play. Please know that student safety is our utmost concern at this time.  

1st  Sports Season 
Cross Country/Football/Football
August - October
To Be Determined  
2nd  Sports Season 
Boys Basketball/Girls Swimming
October - December 

To Be Determined
3rd  Sports Season 
Boys Swimming/Girls Basketball/Wrestling

January - March 
To Be Determined
4th Sports Season 
Boys Soccer/Girls Soccer/Track & Field 

April - May  
To Be Determined



For students wanting to participate in a middle school sport, they must have a current sports physical, Middle Level Activities Contract, and Concussion Awareness Form on file with the school. Please click on the desired form below.

FORM - Middle Level Activities Contract (English)
FORM - Middle Level Activities Contract (Spanish)


FORM - Concussion Awareness (English)
FORM - Concussion Awareness (Spanish)
FORM - 7th Grade Physical Screening Exam (English)
FORM - 7th Grade Physical Screening Exam (Spanish)
FORM - 8th Grade Physical Screening Exam (English)
FORM - 8th Grade Physical Screening Exam (Spanish)