Welcome to Mr. Fleming's 7th Grade Language Arts class! I will be updating my website with assignment information and links throughout the school year. I'm looking forward to working with all students and parents. I encourage you to let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Communication is the key to a good education. Let's have a great year!

Course information

Course Description: In 7th Grade Language Arts, you will be developing your skills as a reader, writer and speaker. Throughout the year, we will be reading stories that deal with the human experience, looking at how our points of view and the choices we make can shape who we are and how we interact with others. You will be required to demonstrate what you’ve learned through various reading and writing assignments, along with some projects. This is a class that requires everybody to participate by sharing their thoughts and ideas. We will be reading and responding to literature which focuses on four main themes:

Quarter 1: Identity
What factors influence identity and perspective?
How do relationships affect who we are?
Can beliefs and values change? What might cause them to change?
What impact does facing challenges have on our identity?

Quarter 2: Choices
How does making mistakes affect personal growth?
How do culture and traditions affect our choices?
What responsibilities do we have when making choices?
How does communication and information impact our lives?

Quarter 3: Perspective
Does understanding others change our point of view?
Can change be uncomfortable?
What does it mean to experience empathy?
Does equality hold the same meaning for everyone?

Quarter 4: Conviction
What are the differences and similarities between fear and respect?
What are the different ways to take a stand?
Can doing nothing be considered taking a stand?
What roles and responsibilities are involved in taking a stand?

Mr. Fleming