We have an exciting year ahead of us and I can’t wait to start singing.

In both 7th and 8th Grade Chorus, we spend a significant amount of time developing confidence in our own voices, listening to each other, and blending our voices.  We work on learning how to sing using proper techniques and care for our voices.  We sing in unison, 2-part and 3 part harmony using a varied repertoire and will perform at various times throughout the year.  We continue learning how to read musical notation and will also emphasize sight singing and rhythm activities to ensure our students have the skills they need to transition into high school.  Making music together requires a lot cooperation, a safe space, team work and LOTS and LOTS of practice.  So get ready to have some fun, dust off those pipes….because…..

                               “In our choir – we belong and inspire”  

                                                                             ……let’s make some music!

                                                                                                             Ms. A


Mrs. Rebecca Alfieri

(531) 299-2300