Classroom Expectations

Classroom Procedures
Ms. Homes
Classroom procedures are for the benefit of everyone. Following procedures will help you do your work with less confusion and help you be successful.
Procedure: A method or process for how things are to be done; how people are to function in an acceptable and organized manner.
1.    Entering the classroom
Enter quickly, courteously and quietly.
Pick up your folder
Go to your assigned seat
2.   Getting to work immediately
Begin daily bellwork
All students need to be working on bellwork
3.   When you are tardy
Present your pass to the teacher
Follow the procedure for entering the classroom as stated in #1
Complete the daily bellwork
Join the rest of the class for today’s activities and assignments
4.   End of class dismissal
Remain in your assigned seat until I dismiss you
Check your area for trash, supplies ect
Put your folder in the box
5.   Listening to and responding to questions and discussions
When the teacher is talking, all students must stop what they are doing, turn and face me; pay attention and keep your eyes on me, be ready for instruction.
NO student is to talk when the teacher is talking. Please do not be rude.
Only one student will talk at a time during discussions- listen to each other.
6.   Pencil sharpening
Come to class prepared, with your pencils sharpened
Pencils need to be sharpened before class
7.   When you are absent
Check with the teacher at an appropriate time to get missed work
Make a plan with the teacher if work is missed for after school
Be responsible for makeup work – do not wait until it is too late
8.    When you need help
Raise your hand and wait for the teacher to respond
Do not yell the teacher’s name
Wait patiently and quietly
9.    Moving around the room
All students should remain in their seats at all times
If necessary to get out of your seat, you should raise your hand and ask for permission to do so
Students should remain in their modules at all times unless the module tells them otherwise.
10.     Restroom Passes/ Passes
Use the restroom before you get to class
No passes don’t ask. Only emergencies.