This is my sixth year teaching at Bryan Middle School and fourth year as the science department head. I graduated from University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a 7-12 Natural Science endorsement.  In Spring of 2018 received my masters from UNO where I studied Secondary Education-Urban Schools. During the summers, I have worked at TAC doing curriculum writing for science. I have also spent summers collaborating with UNO professors in science labs! I'm looking forward to working with my Sun Bear science students and helping them learn more about the world around them! Our three main units are Matter, Interactions in Ecosystems, and Earth Systems.

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Unit 1- Matter (atoms and molecules, states of matter, chemical reactions, synthetic vs. natural materials)
Unit 2- Ecosystems (energy and matter in ecosystems, interactions, human impacts in ecosystems, biodiversity)
Unit 3- Earth Systems (the planet's changing surface,  plate motions and hazards, natural resources)

Ms. Sarah Nelson Wiese

7B Science Teacher