Lewis and Clark Webquest

On February 28, 1803, President Thomas Jefferson got approval by the Congress for an expedition to explore the uncharted lands of the west. Meriweather Lewis and William Clark and 31 other people began the journey which would take several years. Originally given $2500, the final cost for this trip came to $38,000. Starting out on May 14, 1804, from St. Louis, Missouri, the crew left with a keelboat and two dugouts on the Missouri River and reached the Pacific Ocean in 1805.

Learn about the Lewis and Clark expedition by doing this cyberhunt:

1. Once Lewis and Clark got the go ahead from Pres. Jefferson they had to make many preparations including food, clothing, scientific equipment, weapons, etc.
To Equip an Expedition
A. At this site, list 5 of the presents that were packed along to give to the Indians that they met.
B. List three examples of their traveling library which they brought along on their expedition.

2. Lewis and Clark @ nationalgeographic.com
What were the goals of the Lewis and Clark expedition?

3. Lewis and Clark @ nationalgeographic.com
(Note: at the bottom, click on Meet the Crew.)
A. Who was Seaman? 
B. Who was the youngest on the trip?

4. https://www.nps.gov/lecl/
A. Approximately how many miles was the Lewis and Clark expedition. Name the states which Lewis and Clark past through on their trip.

5. Statue to honor slave who helped Lewis and Clark
A. Who is the sculptor of the statue for the African American named York who accompanied Lewis and Clark on the expedition?

6. Sacagawea
A. In what way was Sacagawea an incredibly valuable to the Corps expedition?

7. Plants Collected by Lewis and Clark
A. Where are the specimens of plants which Lewis and Clark collected housed? 
B. What happened to the first thirty that were given to Pres. Jefferson?

8. Black-tailed Prairie Dog
A. Along the way, Lewis and Clark came upon many new animals. 
What did they do with the live prairie dog they captured on the expedition?
B. What was the name that they called the prairie dog?

9. Lewis-Clark.org
(Note: Click on Journal Excerpts for February 2, 1806)
A. Using the entry of Meriwether Lewis described in his journal for February 2, 1806: , describe a popular game of which the Shoshone Indians played.
B. List two English mistakes in his journal entry.

10. Plants Collected by Lewis and Clark
A. Describe or draw a picture of two of the plants which were collected by Lewis and Clark.

Now that you have answered all the questions you have one final task.  
You must summarize your learning in an essay.   This essay should be 3-5 paragraphs, and should contain an intro paragraph, body paragraph(s) and a conclusion.  You may type it in Microsoft Word if you would like to, or you may write it out.