Welcome to Astronomy!

Examine how the components of our Solar System interact with each other

Astronomy Objective and Standards

 Earth, Moon, Sun

1. Students will understand and demonstrate interactions within and among the sun, moon, earth and how these interactions affect day, year, seasons, tides, eclipses, and phases of the moon.
2. Students will be able to identify various moon phases given the visual of each moon phase

3. Students will be able to read and interpret a season's diagram.

Solar System

4. Students will describe how each planet has unique characteristics due to its chemical makeup and distance from the sun.
5. Students will be able to select appropriate measurements for distances on our solar system  and universe given specific conditions.

6. Students will be able to read, interpret and apply planet data from a chart.

Vocabulary to Know

Earth, Moon, Sun: -  revolution  -  day  -  year  -  orbit  -  rotation 

-  solar eclipse    - lunar eclipse   -  constellation    -  tides   - star

-  solstice    -  equinox    -  satellite    - 8 phases of the moon

Solar System: - astronimical unit   - light year   -  galaxy   -  comet

- solar system  -  gas giant  -  terrestrial   - gaseous   - asteriod belt 

- inner planets   - outer planets   - universe