7B English Language Arts

Bear P.R.I.D.EPeers Respecting Individuality, Diversity, and Excellence


Fall 2019                                                                                                   Quarter  1: The Stuff of Consumer Culture                                                                                                                                                                     

Welcome to middle school Bears!

We start the school year discussing how and why we do things in our classroom, or learning and practicing routines and procedures.   Our classroom runs like a well-oiled machine on these routines, procedures, and expectations.  Key expectations are being respectful, and treating everyone the way you want to be treated.  Our school rules: Be Responsible. Be Prepared. Be Safe. 

During Quarter 1, we will learn how to write good, better, and best sentences, how to summarize, and how to take Cornell Notes.  We will also discuss the Essential Question "How much is too much?" So we will take a look at our consumer culture.  What does this mean; "consumer culture"? We will use context clues to figure it out.

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Ms. Donaldson

“The dream begins with a teacher
who believes in you, who tugs and
pushes and leads you to the next
plateau, sometimes poking you with
a sharp stick called 'truth.'"

                                  ~Dan Rather 


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Ms. Donaldson
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