Contact Info

Matthew Rousek

Team 8B

Room #114

Plan Time / Office Hours 1:15-2:25


Hello, my name is Matthew Rousek and I'm the Science Teacher for 8B.  I have been teaching in OPS twelve years and have loved every minute of my time here at Bryan.  I attended the University of Nebraska Lincoln for my undergraduate degree, and graduated from UNO in 2008 with my Master of Science.

When I'm not at school, I enjoy spending time with my wife outdoors.  We enjoy hiking, biking, camping, and traveling during the summers.  The thing I like most about teaching is watching how well students are able to thrive in an organized and structured classroom based on procedures and routines!  It makes me smile when I see students running many of our daily classroom activities without being given a single direction.


This year we will be studying the exciting world of Chemistry and Physics, our schedule will be as follows:

1st Quarter: Lab Safety, Metric System, Matter

2nd Quarter: Chemistry

3rd Quarter: Physics

4th Quarter: Sound and Light, Preperation for the NESA Exam


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