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7th Grade Social Studies Content/Standards


Southwest Asia - Unit Overview: 
How do people live with each other when they believe different things and have different values?  In our own families, we often struggle to live under the same roof and work together.  In Southwest Asia and North Africa, people deal with these issues on a daily basis.  This unit will discuss the diversity in the beliefs and values of Southwest Asia and North Africa towards their resources, economics, land use, and religion.  The conflict over the land of Israel paints a clear picture of what can happen when different people with strong beliefs live in the same area.


Africa - Unit Overview:
When you think about the continent of Africa, what images, thoughts, sounds, and people do you imagine?  If you said rain-forests, tribal life, beautiful landscapes, and interesting cultures, you would be absolutely correct.  If you said modern cities, technology, European influence, and independence, you would also hit the mark.  This unit will discuss the incredible diversity of Africa and tell the story of how modern Africa was shaped through its history.


East and South Asia - Unit Overview: 
Look at the manufacturing tag in your shoe.  For almost everyone, that tag will read “Made in ______” – and it won’t be in the United States.  In fact, that country will probably be in South and East Asia.  In the last one hundred years, South and East Asia has become a strong contributor to the world’s economy.  This unit will examine how life has changed in China, India, and Japan as they have grown their economies and moved toward a modern society. 

Russia - Unit Overview:
What is the job of the government?  What happens when people feel that the government isn’t doing its job?  The story of Russia’s history gives us a glimpse into different ways of running a country and what happens when the people want and need change.  This unit will discuss the nature of revolution through the Russian story and how the governments of the world can best meet the needs and wants of its people. 





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