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Welcome to 8C Science and Physical Science in Room 211.  I started teaching in the fall of 1996 in 6th Grade at Spring lake Elementary School.   I also taught 6th grade at Indian Hill Elementary from 2005 - 2009.  I have been teaching 8th grade science at Bryan Middle School since the fall of 2009.  I added Physical Science to my teaching load in the fall of 2011.  Between my time at Spring Lake elementary and Indian Hill, I did spend four years teaching in Romania, which is where I met my wonderful husband George.  We have been married for 14 years.  At this point in time, we have not been blessed with children of our own, but that does not bother me because I consider each student that comes through my doors as my child.  I am here to help each student to be the best person he/she can be while at Bryan Middle School and throughout life.  I see teaching as a calling and enjoy what I do even though it can be challenging at times.  Below is a bit of information about life in my room including expectations and curriculum.

In my classroom, ALL students are expected to come ready to learn, which means ALL students are to be awake, alert and active from BELL to BELL.  My expectations involve the "6 P's": Be Polite, Be Patient, Be Positive, Be Productive, Be Punctual, Be Prepared.  I have developed posters for my room that states what students should be doing daily to demonstrate each of the "6 P's".  I hold ALL  my students to these expectations everyday to ensure that my students walk out into their communities as productive members of society.

All year long the students will focus on scientific inquiry and lab safety.  In the first semester of 8th grade science, the students will be exploring states of matter, types of matter, physical and chemical properties and changes, as well as an introduction to chemical reactions.  Physical science students will add types of reactions, balancing equations, atoms and bonding.  Physical science students will also complete our forces and motion unit during the 1st semester.  In the second semester, 8th grade students will discuss forces and motion, heat/energy and wavelengths in conjunction with sound and light.  Physical science students will be studying heat and energy, wavelengths and astronomy.

Tips for the Year

Here are a few tips for having a successful year in 8B science

1. Attend Classes and Be On Time Everyday.

2. Bring ALL of Your Materials to Class Everyday.

3. Be Consistently Working and Participating With A Positive Attitude.

4. Complete All Your Work ON TIME.

5. Use Positive Words and Body Language When Communicating.



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