Language Arts Class is:

Reading and Discussion :
When the class is not working on writing, they spend much of their time
reading stories and discussing pertinent issues.  The first quarter will begin with a theme of identity and so the discussion and activities will revolve around that. 

It should be an interesting and enjoyable year!

Welcome to Language Arts!

Welcome to Team 7A We will be reading 2 novels throughout the year.
1.So B. It  and  

Class Content:

The class content this year will be challenging.

I have a dynamic and exciting class for the 7th graders.

To successfully pass the 7th grade Language Arts class, the

students need to prepare for and pass their Acuity test as well as the NESA.
The 7th graders will learn how to write a proficient descriptive essay.
The students will give a 3-5 minute "how to" speech in front of the class.
We will achieve this through discussion and a lot of practice.


Mrs. Palmquist

Hello, my name is Tanya Palmquist and I am the Language Arts teacher for team 7A this year.

I am a Panda Bear!