Content Standards
01 – Understand how career foundation knowledge applies to career fields, clusters and pathways through utilization of career exploration activities.

•              Explore the Nebraska Career Education model

•              Explore partnerships that will provide students with a greater knowledge of Career Education

•              Make connections within a Personal Learning Plan to assist in making decisions over the next 10 years for student educational planning   


02 – Utilize career related information to make decisions and to plan for the future.

•              Learn to locate and use up-to-date career information that connects curriculum to relevant careers

•              Experience extended learning opportunities that bring relevance and real-world context to the curriculum
•              Develop flexible personal learning plans to prepare for middle school, high school and transition into post-secondary/ collegiate experiences

•              Make connections to careers outside of the classroom

•              Research activity

•              Writing and math


03 – Utilize various technology tools to become computer literate in order to participate in educational courses and future job setting situations.

•              Emerging technology for presentations

•              Technology based applications that lead to college and career readiness

•              Social networking and careers


​    Welcome to Computer Applications and 

Introduction to Careers and Technology

Mrs. Erin Ruis

Computer Applications

Content Standards:
01 Understand the nature and operation of technology and proficiency in its use.
02 Demonstrated responsible use of technology systems, information, and software.
03 Use technology resources for communicating problem solving, and making informed decisions.
04 Use technology resources to locate, review, and collect information from a variety of sources.

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