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My name is Amanda Salak and I am the 7C Science teacher. I am in my 10th year of teaching in OPS and my third year at Bryan Middle. I previously taught 5th and 6th grade. I've found that having that background really helps me understand the knowledge the kids are coming with and the challenges transitioning to middle school can present. 

My goal is to have all students feel successful in Science. I know that many kids come into the room not really enjoying the subject. We do a lot of hands on investigations throughout the year. Students will focus on problem solving, making observations, and even the art of presenting an argument! We also work on skills such as working in a group, speaking in front of peers, and staying organized. 

We have three major units of study in 7th grade. We start the year off by diving right into molecules and chemistry. This unit is followed by an ecology unit on ecosystems and humans interactions with those ecosystems. We end the year learning about the Earth with a focus on how matter cycles. Think earthquakes and volcanoes! 

Please always feel free to email me with an questions or concerns you are having. I'm here to help!

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Mrs. Amanda Salak

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