Crash Course History on Youtube
Famous Young Adult author John Green and his brother Hank have made a really neat youtube channel! They cover topics from chemistry to world history and lots of other things in between! For our purposes, John Green follows U.S. History from the native traditions to the election of President Barack Obama. If any of the topics we cover are of special interest to you, this web-series provides fun and in depth information on all of them! Enjoy! Oh, and don't forget to be awesome!

Bill of Rights Institute Constitution Page
The folks behind the Institute for the Bill of Rights have put out a really cool website that helps explain each of the ten amendments that make up the Bill of Rights. We will be spending a lot of time learning about each of them and applying this knowledge to contemporary problems. If you are interested in learning even more about the Bill of Rights or want a place that provides wonderful history games, this website is for you!

Library of Congress Homepage
The Library of Congress has one of the best websites out there. They have worked tirelessly to make their wonderful collection available to those that could not access them in person. The LOC doesn't just have books either! They keep a lot of amazing artifacts like presidential dishes and pop culture icons. Recently the LOC has begun scanning historical papers into their system! Check it out and see what people wrote about in the past!

National Archives Homepage
As a partner of the LOC, the National Archives has the founding documents of our country on display. To make them more accessible to the people, the National Archives has digitized the founding documents and made them interactive. This is a wonderful resource as we learn about the Constitution and how it impacts us. Check out this awesome webpage for an inside look at everything from the Magna Carta to the Federalist Papers! 

Whitehouse Homepage
The White House loves to reach out the the public across many different social media outlets. This is the official website of the White House and of the President of the United States. This website is a wonderful resource for information about the government and to follow what new legislation is the focus of Capitol Hill. Check out the White House page today!

PBS Homepage
PBS is famous for being a company that provides educational content. PBS has many original historical documentaries and mini series that can be viewed online! Check out their website for views and to see what is coming up next.

This Day in History from the History Channel
Interested in what happened on any particular day in history? The History Channel's website is a go to resource for that information as well as in-depth coverage on topics such as the First Ladies and Native American Traditions. Check it out!

Lewis & Clark Exhibit Homepage
The story of Lewis & Clark is central to our history here in Nebraska. This website provides wonderful additional information about the exhibition as well as unique images of artifacts from the journey. Check out all this site has to offer!