Student Planners

Bryan Middle School students should always use their planner!  They can record activities, homework and project due dates, and review assignments and share information with their parent/guardian. A replacement agenda/ planner can be purchased in the school store if needed.

7th Grade (Click Each Tab)

EXPECTATIONS for 7th grade students:
  • Be prepared for class by bringing your planner and all school supplies every day.
  • Respect yourself and others.
  • Ask for help when you do not understand.
  • Always do your best on your assignments.  

Each student receives a planner on the first day of school.  If it is lost or stolen, the school store sells them for $5.00. Students need a one-subject spiral notebook and a folder with pocket for each class, loose leaf paper, and #2 pencils.

EXPECTATIVAS para los estudiantes del grado 7:

  • Estar preparado para la clase al traer tu planificador/agenda y todos los útiles escolares todos los días.
  • Ser respetuoso de ti mismo y los otros.
  • Pedir ayuda cuando no entiendas.
  • Siempre dar tu mejor esfuerzo en tu tarea.

Cada estudiante recibe un planificador/agenda el primer día de escuela. Si se llegara a perder o ser robado, la tienda de la escuela lo vende por $5.00.  Los estudiantes también necesitan un cuaderno espiral de un tema y una carpeta/fólder con bolsillo para cada clase, paquetes de hojas de papel suelto, y lápices #2.

Academic (College) Domain
7.1 / 7.2  Demonstrate attitudes and behaviors of self in relation to others that lead to successful learning.  (Assets 21-25, 32-36)
7.3 / 7.4  Acquire skills to monitor and complete academic requirements.  (Include the importance of attendance).  (Assets 21-25)

Career (Work) Domain
7.1 / 7.4  Connect personal interests, abilities, and achievements to a wide range of career opportunities.  (Assets 37-40)
7.3  Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between educational achievements and career opportunities.  (Assets 21-25, 32, 37-40)

Personal/Social (Life) Domain
7.1  Develop an understanding of and respect for self as an individual.  (Assets 27-31, 37-40)

7.2 / 7.3  Recognize the effects of actions on others.  Acquire knowledge and skills necessary for resolving interpersonal relationships.  (Include bullying prevention).   (Assets 8-10, 15, 26-36)

8th Grade (Click Each Tab)

Expectations for 8th grade students

  • Be on time to each class. 
  • Be prepared for class by bringing a pencil and ink pen, textbooks, and other school supplies.
  • Be respectful of yourself and others.
  • Bring your planner/agenda to class everyday in order to write daily assignments in it.
  • Complete your homework on time and to the best of your ability, and turn it in on time.
  • Bring a spiral notebook, folder with pockets, #2 pencils, pens, loose leaf paper, and book cover for each class. A calculator is optional for Math.

Expectativas para estudiantes el grado 8

  • Llegar a tiempo a cada clase. 
  • Estar preparado para la clase al traer un lápiz y bolígrafo, libros de texto, y otros útiles escolares. 
  • Ser respetuoso de ti mismo y los demás. 
  • Llevar tu planificador/agenda a clase todos los días para que escribas las tareas diarias.  
  • Completar tu tarea a tiempo con tu mejor esfuerzo, y entregarla a tiempo.
  •  Llevar un cuaderno espiral, carpeta/fólder con bolsa, lápices #2, bolígrafos, paquete de hojas de papel suelto, y forros para libros para cada clase.  Para matemáticas una calculadora es opcional.

Academic (College) Domain

8.1 / 8.4  Acquire and apply knowledge and skills to become confident, self-directed learners.  (Assets 21-25, 37)

8.2 / 8.3  Identify possible positive/negative consequences of academic decisions and implement decision making and problem-solving strategies.  (Include importance of attendance).  (Assets 26-36, 37-40)

Career (Work) Domain

8.1 / 8.2  Investigate the world of work in relation to the knowledge of self and the importance of employability skills.  (Assets 26-40)

8.3 / 8.4  Select high school courses based on tentative life and career goals.  (Assets 9, 17-20, 32, 37-40)

Personal/Social (Life) Domain

8.1  Identify and practice positive social interactions with others.  (Include bullying prevention).  (Assets 28-36)

8.2  Explain how personal beliefs and attitudes affect decision-making.  (Assets 26-32)

8.3  Develop the assets to build resilience for significant life events.  (Assets 1-6, 17-20)

Suggested School Supplies

Check with each teacher to see what is needed for class.

  • Backpack or book bag (Carry to school and place in locker)
  • Pens and pencils
  • Ruled paper
  • Erasers
  • 1-subject notebooks
  • 3-ring binder
  • Folders with a pocket
  • Calculator
  • Highlighters
  • Ruler
  • Book covers
  • Musical instrument cleaners and items
  • Gym clothes and shoes