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This is my second year teaching at Bryan Middle School. I grew up in Las Vegas and have been a proud resident of Omaha for 5 years. I completed my undergraduate work in 2014 at the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a B.S. in Secondary Education and an endorsement in 7 - 12 Language Arts.

Course Information

Curriculum: 7th grade 21st Century Literacy is designed to reinforce the Language Arts curriculum, with a specific focus on advancing grade-level reading skills.  Fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension strategies are taught within the class. 


Themes: Our yearly theme is "Discovery" and our quarter lens themes include: Identity (Quarter 1), Choices (Quarter 2), Perspectives (Quarter 3), and Conviction (Quarter 4).


Resources: We will use the Reality Central text (all nonfiction) throughout the school year as well as texts through the Literature and Thought series (one per quarter): Who Am I? (quarter 1), Decisions, Decisions (quarter 2), And Justice for All (quarter 3), and To Be a Hero (quarter 4).  These texts have a variety of genres such as memoirs, essays, poems, and short stories.  We will also do literature circles using novels during 2nd and 4th quarters.

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April Baker

Cottage 9