Level One


*Using Glencoe Keyboarding Connections software: 

  • Learn finger reaches for alphabetic keys
  • Learn finger reaches for numeric keys
  • Learn finger reaches for numeric keypad

*Using Microsoft Publisher software:

  • Learn parts of the screen
  • Learn to draw objects and formatting skills

*Using the Internet:

  • Learn about hyperlinks
  • Learn about web browsers
  • Learn about searching the net

*Using Microsoft Word software:

  • Learn parts of word screen
  • Learn proofreaders' marks
  • Learn formatting skills
  • Learn to set up a report (title page, body, bibliography)
  • Learn to make an outline

*Using Microsoft Excel software:

  • Learn basic spreadsheets
  • Learn to create and edit spreadsheets
  • Learn to use simple formulas
  • Learn to create charts

*Using Microsoft PowerPoint software:

  • Learn presentation basics
  • Learn to edit slides (layout, color, background, clipart)
  • Learn to animate