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   I am Mrs. Soto, School Nurse at Bryan Middle School.  As the School Nurse, my primary concern is always the health and well-being of our students and staff.  My goal is to assist our students and staff with their health needs, so that our students can receive the best possible opportunities to learn, and ultimately achieve their highest potential.

  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 557-4115.  Please scroll down for more information regarding school policies and health services.

School Health Policies & Requirements

School Health Policies and Requirements

Immunizations required for all middle school students:
* 3 doses of DTaP, DTP, DT, Td vaccine, one given on or after the 4th Birthday.
* 3 Doses of Polio vaccine.
* 3 doses of pediatric Hepatitis B vaccine or 2 doses of adolescent vaccine if student is 11-15 years of age.
* 2 doses of MMR or MMRV vaccine, given on or after 12 months of age and separated by at least one month.
* 2 doses of varicella (chickenpox) or MMRV given on or after 12 months of age. Written documentation (including year) he/she had chickenpox disease from parent, guardian, or health care provider will be accepted. If the student has had chickenpox disease, they do not need any varicella shots.
* 1 dose of Tdap (must contain Pertussis booster)-this dose can be received any time after 10-11 years of age.
All 7th graders & out of state transfer students require a Medical physical completed and signed by a Physician.
(Such physicals dated after 3/15 of the current year will provide eligibility for after school sports participation. No other sports physical is required. Out-of-state students also require a vision exam.)
8th grade after school sports activities require a Sports physical completed and signed by a Physician that is dated after March 15 of the current year.
Medications for school use require an up-to-date Physician order and parent permission slip each school year. No medications are allowed in school without the proper authorization/paperwork (not even cough drops or other over the counter medications).
Medical paperwork of the above listed items is required to be on file with the school nurse. Please provide paperwork to the school nurse and make additional copies to keep for your own records.