Ms. Lawson - Language Arts

Hello! My name is Ms. Lawson and I teach 8th grade Honors English Language Arts and 7th grade Composition. I have been working in the public school system for about 8 years. I am fluent in American Sign Language and was an educational interpreter for 2 years, and this is my 4th year teaching at Bryan Middle School. 

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe that all students want to learn and have the capability to learn. Students need the right tools and guidance, and the tools they may need will vary. 

I believe in fostering a community.  Students need to have appropriate behaviours modeled to them by their teacher.  It is my responsibility to give them opportunities to use strategies for appropriate social behaviors and collaboration. 

I believe in mindfulness in the classroom. As a teacher this means that I am consistently in control of how I am thinking, feeling, and acting. I want to foster this sense of mindfulness with my students. I want everything we do in class to be meaningful and have purpose.


I believe in learning, seeking, and gaining knowledge. I will never stop learning and reading. I want to investigate and procure information. I want to share that information and knowledge with my students. I also want to provide the tools for my students to use so that they can independently seek out information on their own. 


I want my students to leave my classroom excited to learn and with the capability to do so on their own. 


I want students to be able to creatively problem solve. I will incorporate strategies that students can use to problem solve into everyday class. 


I want a classroom of students who are eager to learn. In order to create this environment I will make content tangible and applicable. I will seek out new and better ways to teach, I will not allow my classes to become stagnant and unchanged.


Ms. Lisa Lawson