Ms. Saenz - Science


My name is Mayra Saenz (pronounced Myra Signs).  It is a Spanish name, and yes I know fluent Spanish! My parents are from Mexico (mom is from Chihuahua and dad is from Morelos). I was born and raised in California but grew up here in Omaha.  I moved here as a junior in high school and attended/graduated from Omaha South High School.  Go Packers!!  I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and attained my master’s degree from the College of Saint Mary. 

I am the 8th grade science teacher at Bryan Middle School and LOVE teaching science!! My hope is to instill a love for learning in students and have them apply skills from the classroom into everyday life.  Other things I love include my love for dancing, especially Spanish music. I plan to sponsor a Spanish Dance Club.  Please come participate!  And just to list a few more of my loves, I love my 3 children, animals, drawing, chocolate, spicy food (love cooking), and I love rocks.  I even own a rock collection!  Please feel free to contact me via e-mail for any questions or concerns or just to say hello!   



Ms. Mayra Saenz