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Mrs. Stephanie Suhr  Ms. Tess Kirkholm  Mrs. Marie Cusic


"BEAR P.R.I.D.E." - "Orgulloso de Ser Oso"

Peers Respecting Individuality, Diversity and Excellence. 

Personas que Respetan Individualidad, Diversidad y Excelencia.

Welcome to Bryan Middle School! We are here to support you and your family during your time in middle school. Middle school is about discovery. We hope you discover courses that you enjoy, new friendships, and you develop habits that will make you successful for years to come. For information about your team or to speak with your counselor please click on the listed tabs.


The OPS Counseling Department:



Every Student. Every Day. Prepared for Success.



School counselors prepare students to excel in college, career and life by instilling hope, increasing school connectedness and empowering students to achieve academic success.



1. Every student will be assigned a school counselor who will provide the personal support needed to set goals to achieve social competence and academic success.

2. Every student will be empowered to gain the attitude, knowledge and skills necessary for lifelong academic, career, and personal success.

3. Every student will be provided a system of support to address immediate needs and concerns impacting school success.

Welcome Message:

Hello A TEAM! I am really excited to be your counselor. I am here to help you, so please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, so I can help!


Contact Information:


Work Phone:531-299- 2314


Get to Know Your Counselor:

Favorite Subject when I was in Middle School: I really enjoyed English because I like to write, and we did fun assignments- my teacher was amazing!

Least Favorite Subject with I was in Middle School: I really did not like science class because we had labs, and I didn't like to dissect frogs. Plus my teacher was kind of scary.

Favorite band when I was in Middle School: I really like INXS- I had a huge crush on Michael Hutchins (the lead singer).

Favorite club and/or sport when I was in Middle School: I played volleyball and ran track. I still really enjoy running!

Positive Traits about Myself: I enjoy helping people solve problems and become better people.

People and Pets in my Family: I  have a beautiful daughter who is growing up way too fast and keeps me busy with sports and dance events.  We also have 2 dogs and 2 cats . 

Favorite Snack: Beef Jerky- I'm serious!

Least Favorite Chore: I don't like to clean the bathroom- GROSS!

What do I do when I'm not at work? I really enjoy spending time with my family and watching my daughter play sports or dance. My dogs and I go on lots of runs together in the country, we all really enjoy that. 


Welcome Message:

Welcome to 7 and 8 C. I’m so excited to be your counselor! I believe in a strength-based approach. What that means is figuring out what you are good at/what you have been doing well and using those skills to help in all areas (friendships, school, family life, etc.). I hope that I can help you, explore your future and create a road map to get there!


Get to Know Your Counselor:

Favorite Subject when I was in Middle School: Social Studies

Least Favorite Subject with I was in Middle School: Math

Favorite band when I was in Middle School: The Cranberries and R.E.M.

Favorite club and/or sport when I was in Middle School: Speech

Positive Traits about Myself: I’m sarcastic, a problem-solver, a good listener

People and Pets in my Family: my husband Josh and our cat Phoebe (she can’t stand me)

Favorite Snack: popcorn

Least Favorite Chore: laundry

If I could take a School-Wide Field Trip, I’d take our School to (and why): Washington D.C., the Smithsonian Museums. I think it’s important that we explore our nation’s capital! The Smithsonian Museums are amazing and it’s a great way to explore our accomplishments as a nation by looking at our past and our unique resources!

If you would like to see your counselor, please CLICK HERE to fill out the counseling request form.

During in-person learning:

Arrive by 7:30 A.M. - the tardy bell rings at 7:38 A.M.

In the morning, students must stand at the right bus stop several minutes before the bus arrives, and then be seated in the correct seat. After school, students must sit in the correct seat and be ready to leave at 2:50 P.M. Bus riders involved in after-school activities and sports are permitted to ride the 4:40 P.M. bus to their nearest elementary school.

GET INVOLVED IN SPORTS, CLUBS, AND ACTIVITIES! Talk to a coach or counselor to sign up TODAY!

Clubs, activities, sports, and tutoring are available AFTER SCHOOL. The activity bus is for students who ride the school bus.

During Remote Learning:

The expectation is that you will attend and participate in your online classes. If you will not be attending the class that day, due to illness, etc. please email your teacher.


During In-Person Learning:

OPS/BMS Attendance Practices and Procedures:

Daily attendance is an expectation of the OPS District. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to call the school as soon as they know the student will be absent. If the school has not been notified, an attempt will be made to contact a parent/guardian by phone.

Students who arrive late, leave for a period of time during the day, or leave early for any reason (with or without prior notification) will be counted as absent for the instructional minutes missed that day.

The District notifies parents/guardians when a student has missed the equivalent of 5, 10 and 15 days. The District notifies the County Attorney when a student misses the equivalent of 20 days, and then the County Attorney decides whether to dismiss, divert for counseling, or prosecute the case.

If you need assistance with attendance issues, please contact your child’s school counselor or the SSL, Dr. Stenzel at 531-299-0314.

At 5 absences, the student attends a meeting with the counselors during CUBS and receives a copy of the OPS/BMS Attendance Policy and Procedures to share with the parent/guardian. The attendance team will also meet to discuss attendance concerns and possible interventions to help improve the student’s attendance.

At 10 absences, a letter is mailed to the parent/guardian by the Student Support Liaison (SSL), and the student's counselor meets with the student.

At 15 absences, the parent/guardian is contacted by letter with information from the SSL for a scheduled appointment with the date and time. This meeting includes the parent/guardian and the SSL to discuss attendance concerns and interventions that will help improve attendance.

At 20 absences, the parent/guardian is notified by letter that the student has missed 20 days of schooling. The SSL will also submit a referral to the county attorney's office.


BMS Expectations for ALL Students:



*Raise your hand and wait for teacher acknowledgement

*Use kind, positive, and helpful language

*Take care of school materials and technology 



*Be on time and ready to learn.

*Use peaceful words to solve problems

*Use technology for educational purposes 



*Use safe, student friendly, and school approved websites and apps

*Keep passwords and personal information confidential



*Put forth your best effort for academic success and well-being.

*Participate in discussions and share what you know.

Infinite Campus

Parents/Guardians can register in the office to view student grades on Infinite Campus. To access the parent portal, please CLICK HERE.   


Common Sense Media

For information about various apps and digital literacy, please CLICK HERE.



CLICK HERE for Information about Naviance, a college and career app.