social worker

My name is Sara Riviera and I am the School Social Worker.  If your family needs any financial assistance during this trying time, please reach out to me.  I can assist you in getting connected with community resources.   

With all the uncertainty, you may have some questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to with any concerns you may have.  Below is my contact information, you can email or call/text me at any time. 

531-299-2313 – Please leave a voicemail and I will return it within 24 hours. 

More about Mrs. Riviera

Mrs. Riviera


Another way to reach out for help is by contacting the United Way at 211.  The 211 call center database helps connect residents to:
  • utility assistance
  • rental assistance
  • food pantries
  • shelter and housing services
  • clothing
  • abuse prevention
  • behavioral health services
  • support groups
  • senior services
  • transportation
  • disaster services
  • government shutdown support
  • legal services
  • health care services
  • family support
  • financial assistance and education

family resources

If you or your child are having a difficult time below are some places to turn for added support. 


Boys Town National Hotline 



Nebraska Family Helpline 



National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 



  • Chat, text, email with a counselor 


Mindfulness is a state of nonjudgmental awareness of what’s happening in the present moment, including the awareness of one’s thoughts, feelings, and senses. 

Benefits of Mindfulness 

Reduced symptoms of Depression and Anxiety 

Greater satisfaction within relationships 

Improved memory, focus, and mental processing speed 

Reduced rumination (repetitively going over a thought or problem in your head) 

Improved ability to adapt to stressful situations 

Improved ability to manage emotions 


HERE is a link for more information about Mindfulness.